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Structured Wiring Basics

Today's home wiring includes more than the standard suite of electrical connections. Dedicated wiring for data, telephone, audio, and video are fast becoming standard options.


During the construction of a new home it is the time to pre-wire the home for telephone, an alarm system, and cable TV. You might also consider Cat 5 wiring if your anticipated computer usage requirements will grow with time. Increasingly popular also, are whole house wiring arrangements with cross connection boxes and switch able option points which give you the future ability to make any changes you might wish. Currently these arrangements can run into the thousands of dollars, but will decrease substantially in cost over the next few years.

new house wiring We install and sell structured wiring kits

Pre-wiring is typically done in those few days after the doors and windows are installed, but before the drywall is put up.

Many commercial builders have an exclusivity contract with alarm companies who are given sole rights to do the pre-wiring, in exchange for low or no charges to do the job. While the telephone wiring is usually included as part of the cost of the home construction, the home owner is often charged $250 to $500 extra for the alarm system pre-wire option, even when it is provided for "free" or at low cost to the builder by the alarm company.  Many alarm companies will set up these "sweetheart" arrangements with the builder to do it at no cost, hoping to win the end user's alarm business and monitoring, thereby recouping their costs and more.

Some of the larger builders will not allow a homeowner to hire his own pre-wire company in spite of what the buyer might wish, but most smaller contractors are more flexible. If you can, try to hire us MFT as a private contractor to do the job. Since this will not involve the builder, there will be no further markup on the work done. If you wish to save some money, simply have MFT as the pre-wire company do the job for ie: surveillance cameras ,smoke detectors, motion sensors and keypads. Everything else such as unfinished basement can be done easily later as long as the basement ceiling is either unfinished, or finished with removable ceiling tiles. Looking for experts in the field of computer network installation? Let our  technical expertise assist you in setting up a reliable communications network infrastructure (structured wiring). Whether your home or business requires a new network or you want to allow your kid's computer to access the internet in their bedroom, we can do it. We install Category 5 and Category 6 cabling, cable TV., voice and data lines, we will work with you every step of the way to maximize the performance of your network.

With the growing presence of the Internet, local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN) and now virtual private networks (VPN), the need for high-speed communications is real. Get wired in every room of your house. We will provide you with the highest quality in structured cabling systems in your existing home or your new dream home that you are building.

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